DPI Alum Kieran Kesner on the Ground in Liberia

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DPI Alum Kieran Kesner (’14) checked in this weekend from the Liberian capital, Monrovia, where he is covering the ongoing Ebola crisis for the Wall Street Journal. View the full gallery of images at the WSJ and catch up with Kieran on Twitter. (Image courtesy of the WSJ).

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Alumnus Monique Jaques On The Ground in Gaza

On The Ground in Gaza – Esquire Magazine
by Elizabeth Griffin
Photographs by Alumnus Monique Jaques

Amidst the landscape of war, civilian lives are thrust into chaos. Homes are destroyed, lives are lost, families are fractured. And then there are the things—the things you keep, the things you cannot carry, and the things you have no choice but to leave behind. Some seem trivial—a pillow, a piece of paper, a box of vitamins—but they tell a story of a life. They tell of the small and big parts.

When the latest round of fighting began between Israelis and Palestinians in July, we asked photographer, Monique Jaques, to create a record of those things from where she was stationed. “During the ceasefires, families would go to see their homes, not knowing what remained until they arrived. Their reactions were devastating. Whether it was shock or outcry, no one was without emotion,” she says. “Many were lucky, some weren’t. They searched through the rubble, looking for anything that was intact. I met several families searching for ID cards and official documents—anything proving their identity and place in the world. The smallest toy or shoe would bring cries of excitement. It was one more thing they had, one more thing that survived. Just like them.” read more

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Live a Day in the Life of an Obsessive Ghost Hunter

Live a Day in the Life of an Obsessive Ghost Hunter > Alumnus Elizabeth Moran photographs are  featured in WIRED.  This project is funded by the department’s Tierney Fellowship for Alumni and will be on view in our Gulf and Western lobby gallery  December 4th, 2014 -  january 17th, 2015

photo by Elizabeth Moran

Elizabeth Moran’s mother Cary grew up in a haunted house in Memphis. That’s how the story goes, anyway. Every night she and her siblings would hear footsteps slowly climb the stairs from the basement to the second-floor bedrooms. Usually, they’d stop outside her brother’s room, then turn and head back downstairs.

Even now, Moran’s family believes that old house, which it subsequently sold, is still haunted. Elizabeth Moran never heard those footsteps for herself, but the ghost has been such a big part of her life that she’s exploring the history of this mythical creature and its relationship to her family in a project called Record of Cherry Road. The name refers to the street on which the house sits and to a series of notes Moran’s mother wrote about the footsteps. [read more]

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African-American Photography

 “Through a Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People” , a film by Thomas
Allen Harris inspired by the book 
“Reflections in Black” (2000), by DPI Chair Deborah Willis’s is playing at Film Forum until September 9 and is getting a great deal of media attention:

‘Through a Lens Darkly,’ on African-American Photography
film review by A.O. Scott,  NYTimes.com

Interview with Thomas Allen Harris and Deb Hillis on WNYC.

Alumnus Hank Willis Thomas is one of the featured artists in the film

Alumnus Hank Willis Thomas is one of the featured artists in the film




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Photography Project Funding Opportunities

16 Organizations that Want to Fund Your Photography from  The PhotoShelter Blog.

The PhotoShelter blog has complied a great list of foundations, non-profits and private companies, who are willing to fund worthy photographers based on talent and project goals. Some offer grants for photojournalists who expose social injustices; others focus on editorial photographers who tell long-form stories. read more


Another great source for funding of arts projects is the New York Foundation for the Arts. Join their mailing list at nyfa.org

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Photographers – Know Your Rights:

Know Your Rights: Photographers | American Civil Liberties Union

A great resource from the ACLU

Taking photographs of things that are plainly visible from public spaces is a constitutional right – and that includes federal buildings, transportation facilities, and police and other government officials carrying out their duties. Unfortunately, there is a widespread, continuing pattern of law enforcement officers ordering people to stop taking photographs from public places, and harassing, detaining and arresting those who fail to comply. [read more]

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DPI Alumnus Jessica Ingram > Civil Rights Memorial

A Civil Rights Memorial at the National Civil Rights Museum.

A Civil Rights Memorial is a collection of thirty photographs, taken by alumnus Jessica Ingram, of marked and unmarked locations that hold historical significance for the Civil Rights movement. Ingram travelled across the American South, capturing the present day appearance of sites where Civil Rights era atrocities, Klan activities, and slave trade occurred. From the site of the Neshoba County killings in Philadelphia, Mississippi, to Ringold, Georgia where Mattie Green was killed in her home by a bomb in 1960, the exhibit remembers well known and forgotten events associated with the Civil Rights movement. With these images, Ingram provides captions with historical information she gathered from interviews of family members and local people. [read more]

More about the project at jessingram.com

Jessica Ingram received her BFA from DPI in 1999, and her MFA from California California College of the Arts in San Francisco, where she is now Chair of the Photography Department.

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DPI Alum Jonno Rattman in the NYTimes Magazine


DPI alum Jonno Rattman has feature photos in the NYTimes Magazine accompanying an article detailing the lucrative and murky world of debt collection. From knife fights to unpaid cell phone bills this article runs a wild course through contemporary America and Jonno’s photos bring many eerie elements into sharp focus.


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DPI Alum Will Steacy’s ‘Deadline’ Featured by PDN


PDN has selected Will Steacy’s “Deadline” for their Photo of the Day. “Deadline” is Will’s project tracking the decline of the newspaper business and specifically the Philadelphia Inquirer for the past 5 years. We covered this project back in June.

Will describes the project this way:

For the past five years, I have photographed with unrestricted access the newsroom and printing plant of The Philadelphia Inquirer. Through a depiction of The Inquirer’s efforts to prevail despite depleted ad revenue, a steady decline in circulation, lay-offs, buy-outs, and bankruptcy, my intent is to reveal the challenges and harsh realities that face the newspaper industry today. A close examination of the newspaper industry and in-depth story explaining the events that landed newsrooms in their current predicaments has largely gone untold. Since 2000 the newspaper industry has shed 30% of its workforce, making it the fastest shrinking industry in America. Yet 60% of the American public has heard little or nothing about the news industry’s financial struggles. As we find ourselves amidst a massive societal transition into an information technology economy of the future in which technological advances have eroded middle skill, middle class jobs, boosted productivity while reducing the labor force, what has been the human cost of these gains? When we lose reporters, editors, newsbeats and sections of papers, we lose coverage, information, and a connection to our cities and our society, and, in the end, we lose ourselves. Without the human investment to provide news content it becomes a zero sum game on the information highway to nowhere. The fibers of the paper and the clicks of the mouse are worthless unless the words they are presented on have value. The newspaper is much more than a business, it is a civic trust.

See the project at PDN here.

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DPI Alum Hiro Ito’s ‘After the Rain’: Interview and Show Review


The Photo Journal at The Wall Street Journal has an interview and images up covering Hiroyuki Ito’s recent show in Tokyo “After the Rain.” This most recent show following “Red Rain” and “A Clueless Spectator” shown here at DPI, covers a tumultuous period in the photographer’s life after a difficult breakup, the death his father and cat, Meeno. Hiro says, “I laugh and cry and they are all part of me. I want to show high tide and low tide. That way, I hope, as a group of photographs, they give a sense of one’s journey over a long period of time.”

See more photos and read more of the interview at Photo Journal.



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