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Great Big Final Alumni Update for 2014


Wrapping up what has been a wonderful year for the DPI alumni community. Here is an exciting selection of current work:

Bonnie Briant designed two books  that were selected for the 27 photobooks that “defined 2014” according to TIME’s photo editors and renowned photography experts. Details.

Sasha Arutyunova has a solo exhibiton of work that is part of a residency at the Center for Faith & Work. The series, ANTE MERIDIEM, features street photographs taken in New York City at dawn. Exhibition will remain on view until early 2015, date TBD. On view: W83 Ministry Center, 150 W 83rd St., Sanctuary New York, NY

Mathew Kristall had great editorial work in Vogue, T Magazine, W Magazine, and Vogue Paris.

Sarah Kehoe was in conversation with APA at the Apple Store in Soho. She shared insights on her creative process and working with a crew.  Details.

Margeaux Walter’s has an installation as part of  The Hunter College MFA thesis show composed of items from the IKEA catalogue and appear to be a deconstruction of our everyday lives as commercialized beings. The photos and videos range from the abstract to the literal to the humorous. The Hunter MFA Thesis show is on view until Dec. 27th and by appointment through Jan. 4th. 205 HUDSON STREET GALLERY Hunter College MFA Campus, New York, NY 10013. Details. Read a review of the project at the blog Tonight at Dawn.

Tamara Porras‘ exhbition ‘Insatiate is presented by En Foco’s Touring Gallery. ‘Insatiate’ explores the cognitive dissonance between social norms of eating and my inner relationship with food consumption. On view: December 6, 2014 – January 30, 2015.  Artist Talk and Reception on Saturday, January 10, 2015, 3-4pm. Details and Facebook Event. Riverside NYPL, 127 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10023.

Lili Holzer-Glier photographs of the Art Basel scene in Miami were featured in Vogue Magazine.

Emily Shur self published a book: Playground. Details.

Monique Jaques shot photos for ‘High Heels and Hijabs: In Indonesia, an Islamic Answer to Beauty Pageants” for Al Jazeera America. Details.

Alex Q. Arbuckle has been shooting the many civil rights protest in recent weeks, his photos from the Millions March are featured at Vogue. Slidehow.

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Big Week for DPI Alumni

Last week saw the publication of works by several DPI alumni:

Bryan Denton (BFA 2005) was featured in Time LightBox with his series, Boomtown,  about oil production in North Dakota created during the World Press Photos Joop Swart Masterclass

photo by Bryan Denton

BRYAN DENTON: From “Boonville,” Bam (center), Lesbo (with beer), and Phillips fool around in the wreck of an old automobile, while on a ‘booze cruise’ after their shift, driving in the badlands near their camp.

Monique Jaques (BFA 2008) at Al Jazeera America has a series about faith healers in Turkey.

Hoca Durmu? Ali Kurum burns a drawing he made of a face during a consultation over the phone in his office in Ba?aras?, a neighborhood in Izmir, Turkey.Monique Jaques for Al Jazeera America

 “Popularity of healers challenges Turkey’s modern, secular self-image,” Al Jazeera America

Jonno Rattman (BFA 2014) is featured in the New Yorker with photographs of the best youth bull riders in the U.S.

A young rider races to the stands of the Taylor County Expo Center. Photo by Jonno Rattman

JONNON RATTMAN: A young rider races to the stands of the Taylor County Expo Center.

Elizabeth Moran’s (BFA 2007) “Photographing the Invisible” in New Yorker Photobooth. Her exhibition Record of Cherry Road is on view in our Gulf & Western Gallery until January 17.

ELIZABETH MORAN: "Measuring Visual Disturbances #1,"  Record of Cherry Road

ELIZABETH MORAN: “Measuring Visual Disturbances #1,” Record of Cherry Road

American Photography profiles Michael George (BFA 2011) as one to watch.

MICHAEL GEORGE: "Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River in northern Arizona"

MICHAEL GEORGE: “Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River in northern Arizona”

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DPI Alum Aaron Shuman is curator of Krakow Photomonth


DPI Alum Aaron Shuman (’99) was selected to curate Krakow Photomonth. Asked to sum up his ideas for this year’s show, Aaron responded:

I’m fascinated by the relationship between photography and knowledge, as well as how photography often inspires a search for knowledge.

I see photographers as people who go out into the world, and though they might not be experts in a particular field or on a certain subject, wrap a camera around their neck and begin to learn, and to search for knowledge. The knowledge that they seek and often find can be personal, philosophical, scientific, abstract, but the whole process becomes one of searching.

This is why the title of the Main Program is split—Re:Search. In a few words, I wanted to examine the photographer as a researcher, the process of searching that photography involves and inspires, and the relationship between photography and knowledge.

Read the full interview at lensculture.com.

Aaron Shuman is a photographer, curator, writer, and Director and Editor of SeeSaw Magazine, an online photography magazine.

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Getty Images Allows Free Embedding


In a controversial move that may cause much gnashing of teeth among professional photographers, already pinched by low compensation and an ever-broadening use of un-copyrighted material online, Getty Images will allow web sites to embed Getty images completely free of charge, so long as the image is used in a non-commercial setting.  From the BJP:

“Getty Images defends the move, arguing that it’s not strong enough to control how the Internet has developed and, with it, users’ online behaviours.”

“We’re really starting to see the extent of online infringement,” says Craig Peters, senior vice president of business development, content and marketing at Getty Images. “In essence, everybody today is a publisher thanks to social media and self-publishing platforms. And it’s incredibly easy to find content online and simply right-click to utilise it.”

Lots to unpack here. Read more BJP or The Verge.

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‘What the World Press Photo of the Year Means for Photography’ by Fred Ritchin on Time LightBox

Screen shot 2014-02-26 at 10.10.33 AM

This week DPI professor Fred Ritchin had a piece published at LightBox titled ‘What the World Press Photo of the Year Means for Photography.’ In the essay Fred writes “The underlying message of this year’s World Press Photo selection [won by John Stanmeyer and published Nat Geo] can be seen … as a nod to the increasingly pivotal role of social media, while evoking the situation of many millions of others who, although not African migrants, live much of their days in search of a signal and the connectedness it promises—media migrants who have strayed far from the more proximate physical universe they once inhabited.” Read the full essay at LightBox.


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Is Fair Use Fair?

12066716_1Fair Use of work under copyright law is a complicated issue and one that is important for visual artists and scholars alike. A recent study commissioned by the CAA finds that many arts professionals are withholding from repurposing copyrighted material for fear of running afoul of the copyright holder. Check out articles at hyperallergic and Inside Hight Ed for more info. The comments section at Higher Ed is particularly interesting.

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Shocking Photos that Cease to Shock. Fred Ritchin at LightBox

Screen shot 2014-01-28 at 2.25.30 PM

Today at LightBox DPI Faculty member Fred Ritchin has a piece titled “Syrian Torture Archive: When Photographs of Atrocities Don’t Shock.” In it Prof. Ritchin discusses the changing impact of imagery which in the past would “provoke widespread condemnation, particularly in a conflict that is ongoing where millions are still at risk…” He goes on, “For several decades a global war of images has been intensifying. It is a conflict in which how one spins the images of the events may trump the actual outcomes of the events themselves.”  Read the full article for much much more.

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Hank Willis Thomas: The Question Bridge Project

Time’s Lightbox has published a piece by DPI alumnus Hank Willis Thomas in which he discusses “The Question Bridge Project: Redefining Black Male Identity,”  Here’s a snipit:

The depiction of black males through popular culture has long been governed by prevailing stereotypes about race and sexuality. Far too little is known about the range of internal values and dynamics of this group. Thousands of scientists, social scientists, theorists, historians, politicians and activists have investigated the “plight” of the African American male on various levels and from diverse perspectives, yet not enough has been done to create and find a multifaceted and, critically, a self-determined representation of this demographic. In some ways, the black male’s greatest challenges reside within himself, and between other black men. The question is, “why?”

Head on over to Lightbox for more.

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