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DPI Alums in the News: Bryan Denton on the NYTimes new Instagram Feed and an Interview with Rachel Barrett


This week The New York Times launched their first Instagram feed @nytimes and the inaugural 6 photos belong to DPI alum Bryan Denton (’05). Bryan shot the intimate photos while on assignment in Sierra Leone capturing the human moments that make up the country’s slow recovery from the horrific Ebola outbreak.

Recently Rachel Barrett (’03) was featured in an interview for American Photo in which she discusses her life and work. She covers a wide range of topics including grad school, photographing communal living and the transitions from school to work and what it means to settle down, start a family and keep an art practice going. Lots to chew on!


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DPI Junior Nathaniel Langston Palmer (’16) on NYTimes


DPI Junior Nathaniel Langston Palmer (’16) has been shooting along with the filming of “The Hunting Ground,” directed by Kirby Dick, described by the NYTimes Carpetbagger blog as a “searing exploration of sexual crime on college campuses and institutional cover-ups.” One of Nathaniel’s photos accompanies this mention of the film in the Carpetbagger’s Sundance preview. Way to go Nate! Details here.

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DPI Alum Quetzal Maucci Featured in the NYTimes Magazine


DPI alum Quetzal Maucci has a project, begun at Tisch, featured in the NYTimes Magazine. Through portraits, text and interviews Quetzal explores the lives of the ‘Children of Immigrants.’ See the full project at the NYTimes website.

exposures-immigrants-slide-01J8-blog533-v2 (1)


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DPI Alum Jonno Rattman in the NYTimes Magazine


DPI alum Jonno Rattman has feature photos in the NYTimes Magazine accompanying an article detailing the lucrative and murky world of debt collection. From knife fights to unpaid cell phone bills this article runs a wild course through contemporary America and Jonno’s photos bring many eerie elements into sharp focus.


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Alumni Update: Jonno Rattman in the New Yorker, NYTimes Mag and on Albums

This saw summer saw a busy DPI alum, Jonno Rattman, with picture of Mermaids on parade for The New Yorker, Congressman Charlie Rangel and his challenger Michael Walrond for The New York Times Magazine, and The Virginia Quarterly Review featuring a series of Civil War reenactors at the 148th and 149th Gettysburg Addresses. Last but not least, give your eyes a treat: check out Ascent, Davey Lantz Trio’s debut jazz album featuring three insightful, talented cats who met at Juilliard. Jonno made the pictures and designed the CD package.
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Alumnus Elizabeth Moran featured on NY Times Lens Blog

Exploring the Photographic Spirit by David Gonzalez, NY TIMES Lens Blog

An amazing little camera caught Elizabeth Moran’s attention at a family reunion. It was as tiny as a spy camera, cartoonishly so.

And her aunt said it photographed ghosts.

“My aunt had learned about it from this ghost-hunting group she and my uncle had started working with,” Ms. Moran recalled. “They said ghosts were not as sensitive to this camera because it was tiny.”

The whole ghost thing was not exactly alien territory for Ms. Moran and her relatives. She had been fascinated since childhood by her mother’s tales about growing up in an old Memphis farmhouse where footsteps were heard each night going from the basement to the second-floor bedrooms. When her Aunt Sue, who married her Uncle George, said they were going to start investigating the family’s old house — using that tiny camera and other contraptions — Ms. Moran was hooked.

“We grew up with stories about this house,” she said. “It wasn’t a big leap. It wasn’t anything they were ashamed to tell us about. They just wanted to try and research things that may have been behind what happened at the house where my mother and her siblings grew up.”

The result is “Record of Cherry Road,” a series that looks at a possibly haunted house, as well as other, more symbolic, family ghosts. An exhibit of the images will be at New York University later this year. [continue reading]

Elizabeth Moran received in her BFA at Tisch in 2007 and MFA in 2013 and MA in Visual and Critical Studies in 2014 at California College of the Arts. She was the department’s recipient of the 2013 Tierney Fellowship, a 10 year program supporting emerging artists in photography. An exhibition of this project will be on view in our Gulf and Western Lobby Gallery December 4, 2014 – January 17, 2015. A selection of the work will also be on view in the Tierney Fellowship exhibition at Photoville in September 2014.

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Alumnus Alan Chin on the Tiananmen Square Anniversary

Today on the 25th Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square crackdown, Edward Wong writes in the NY Times about DPI alumnus and documentary photographer Alan Chin and his experience photographing in Tiananmen Square in 1989.

Small crowds of civilians confront soldiers from the People’s Liberation Army on Chang’an Avenue on the morning of June 4, 1989, after the night when soldiers had begun firing on civilians. Photo by Alan Chin

Live Blogging the Tiananmen Square Anniversary
by Edward Wong – NYTimes.com Sinosphere blog

As a photojournalist for The New York Times and other publications, Alan Chin has covered wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Kosovo. We traveled together in 2005 to the city of Basra in southern Iraq, where we worked on articles for the Times about the power of Shiite militias. More recently, we collaborated on stories in southern China.

What makes one choose a career as a war photographer? For Alan, who lives in Brooklyn, it was witnessing the violence of the Tiananmen Square crackdown that began the night of June 3, 1989. At the time, he was an 18-year-old high school student from New York making his first trip to Asia with his parents. They had visited their ancestral village in the Taishan area of Guangdong Province, in southern China, and were touring Beijing in late May and early June. They had already heard about the protests while in Guangdong and Hong Kong. Once in the Chinese capital, Alan walked through Tiananmen Square and shot scenes of the protests on black-and-white film using a Leica M3. [continue reading]

For a more detailed account of Alan’s trip to China in 1989, read his photoessay on the Reuter’s Blog: Eyewitness Views: From hope to horror in Tiananmen Square

more links to see Alan Chin’s work:

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2014 Senior Portfolio Review

May 13 was DPI’s second annual Senior Portfolio Review where 25 graduating seniors met with 20 reviewers ranging from curators, photo editors to commercial agents. Thank you to our reviewers for their time, generosity, and insight:

  • Marcia Allert, photo editor, Daily Beast, (alumnus)
  • Sam Barzilay, curator, creative director, United Photo Industries/Photoville
  • Phil Bicker, photo editor, TIME magazine
  • Jacqueline Bovaird, Commercial Agent, (alumnus)
  • Whitney Boyd, photo editor. New York Times Lens Blog
  • Isolde Brielmaier, independent curator
  • Mia Diehl, photo editor, Fortune, (alumnus)
  • Marvin Heiferman, independent curator and writer
  • Rujeko Hockley, curator, Brooklyn Museum
  • Whitney Johnson, photo editor, New Yorker
  • Peter Kayafas, book publisher, artist, Eakins Press
  • Paula Kupfer, Managing editor, Aperture
  • Jennifer Miller, photo editor, Traveler Magazine (alumnus)
  • Sophie Morner, magazine editor and gallerist, Capricious, (alumnus)
  • Emma Raynes, Magnum Foundation
  • Kay Reichart, commercial agent, Creative Circle
  • Laura Roumanos, Arts Producer, United Photo Industries/Photoville
  • Jeffrey Henson Scales, photo editor, New York Times, Sunday Review, OpinionSection, BookReview, The Year In Pictures
  • Sam Shahid, Creative Director, Shadid & Company
  • Julie Saul, gallery dealer, Julie Saul Gallery

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Jonno Rattman in the NYTimes


DPI alum Jonno Rattman (’13) was featured in an article along with an essay of photos in April in an article titled “He Walked by Night.” The article and photos outline the time Jonno spent in the Village shooting on the street at night.

Too young to drink in bars, he found a strange, dark world outside his window, “a deep cacophony of lust and fear,” he said. “I’d have to step over a half-dead body in the doorway, and then outside there was always a party.” The work provided an outlet for his anxieties — about the economy, the wars, the hopelessness that echoed in Village night life. “New York at night has a different power and feeling than during the day,” Mr. Rattman said. “It was a mixture of lust and machismo, kind of sinister and darkly romantic, with a lot of lost people. I was probably lost and lustful at the same time.” NYTimes

Read the whole thing and view the photos at the NYTimes.

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Alumnus Richard Renaldi in the news

Richard Renaldi’s (BFA 1990) project Touching Strangers and exhibition at Aperture continues to receive a great deal of attention.

Sunday’s New York Times Week in Review featured a selection of photographs to accompany the article Hello Stranger
Richard Renaldi - New York TImes Sunday Review, April 27, 2014


Hyperallergic art blog also published a review: Unnerving Portraits Stage Close Contact Between Strangers by Allison Meier

Richard Renaldi, “VIncent and Charles” (2012), Los Angeles, CA (all photos courtesy Aperture)

 From 2007 to 2013, New York–based photographer Richard Renaldi approached strangers across the United States and asked them to pose together, close, as if they were friends or lovers.

“I wanted to know what would happen if I asked my subjects to reach through and beyond their taboos,” Renaldi writes in Touching Strangers, a book of his photographs released this month by Aperture. “I wanted to observe the physical vocabulary that would emerge when a photographer directs strangers who have been approached randomly on the street, and who have been introduced to each other only moments before, to touch each other’s bodies.” [continue reading]

– – – – – – – – – –

Recently, Richard spoke to students in our Large Format Photography class. Besides the exhibition at Aperture, Richard’s exhibition This Grand Show is on view at Bonnie Benrubi Gallery on 57th Street.

Richard and Aperture have also launched a social media project where you can share your own Touching Strangers photographs with the hashtag #TouchingStrangers on Instagram or Twitter, and contribute to the Touching Strangers exhibition in New York. Photographs should be of people you don’t know and who don’t know each other, before the photo is taken, who you ask to touch each other for the picture. Click here for more information and to see a book excerpt.

Through May 15, Richard will be picking his favorites to show alongside his exhibition.  Check here  to see the latest submissions, and visit the Touching Strangers Facebook page to see Richard’s favorites.

Congratulations Richard on a great project.

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