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Coming Around the Bend! DPI Alum Lili Holzer-Glier at the Kentucky Derby


DPI alum Lili Holzer-Glier has two slideshows up at Vogue: an overview “The Kentucky Derby 2015 Draws a Record Crowd” and one that’s style-oriented, “Street Style from the 2015 Kentucky Derby Weekend

Image by Lili Holzer-Glier via vogue.com.

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Congrats to DPI Students Michael Beckert and Anthony Tran


• Michael Beckert’s instagram account was recognized by Refinery29 as one of the “17 New York Photographers You NEED To Follow On Instagram”

• Big congratulations to Anthony Tran, selected as a finalist for the Serbin Communications 35th Annual College and High School Photography Contest, sponsored by Nikon, USA.

The hardcover book Best of College & High School Photography 2015 will publish the selected work of all winners, honorable mentions and finalists.

Serbin Communications received over 17,000 photographs from students in the US, Canada, and around the world. This year’s judges were: Kenda North, University of Texas at Arlington; James Rudnick, School of Visual Arts, New York; and Everard Williams, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena. College and high school entries were judged separately, and finalists will be featured in two sections in the book.

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Alumni Update: April 2015


Here’s your one-stop shop for the new work, projects, events and exhibitions being done by our DPI alums in the month of April.

• TONIGHT! Hank Willis Thomas‘ new solo show “Unbranded: A Century of White Women, 1915-2015” opens at Jack Shainman Gallery. Opening reception for the exhibition: Friday, April 10, 6 – 8 PM.

Building on ideas explored in his celebrated Unbranded: Reflections in Black by Corporate America 1968-2008, here Thomas’ unbranding technique tracks notions of virtue, power, beauty, privilege, and desire in mainstream America. Spanning the rise and decline of print advertising, the work provides a spectrum for the ideal feminine type that has been marketed to individuals across gender, racial, and socio-economic lines throughout the past hundred years.

Will Steacy’s (’03) Newsroom covered by us here and here was written up in the Guardian along a with a gallery.

Austin Irving (’06) has a solo show, “NOT AN EXIT” opening at Wilding Cran Gallery in LA on May 16th from 6-9pm. The show will be on view through June 27.

NOT AN EXIT is a collection of large format photographs that Irving has been compiling since 2007. The subjects for the series are doorways and hallways, liminal spaces intended for movement that somehow appear impenetrable. Maze-like optical illusions occur when the linear elements align to simultaneously flatten and expand the two dimensional picture-plane. Void of cultural signifiers, belonging to no specific place or location, a universality of line and form reoccurs from image to image, offering a deeper assessment of the formal elements that make up the spaces we pass through and sometimes never truly see. As Irving explains, “We are going somewhere and yet – there seems to be no way out.”

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Two DPI Alumni chosen for 2015 PDN 30 under 30

Congratulations to DPI alumni Sara Macel (BFA 2003) and Jonno Rattman (BFA 2014), two of PDN’s 30 under 30 New and Emerging Photographer’s to Watch.

Sara Macel

Jonno Rattman

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Checking in with DPI Alum Hank Willis Thomas

DPI alum Hank Willis Thomas (’98) has had a busy Fall, here are a few things he’s been involved in:

Hank gave a talk to 99U, in which he deconstructs the things we think make sense, “challenging our perceptions of identity, history, and symbols.” 99U is Behance’s effort to provide this “missing curriculum” for making ideas happen. Details Here.

Hank Willis Thomas was also at Art Basel, Miami showing his inflatable ‘Truth Booth” where visitors are invited in to finish the answer “The truth is…” Here is a writeup on the Miami installation from the New York Observer.

Hank Willis Thomas

Hank Willis Thomas with Ryan Alexiev and Jim Ricks, In Search of the Truth (The Truth Booth), 2011.
(Photo: Courtesy Goodman Gallery, Jack Shainman Gallery, © Art Basel.)

Hank Willis Thomas is also currently participating in two group shows in New York City, one at Aperture Gallery titled ‘The Photographer’s Playspace’ and on view November 19, 2014–January 29, 2015, which includes 20 photographers responding to assignments from the Aperture book The Photographer’s Playbook: 307 Assignments and Ideas. (Bonus! DPI  alum Aaron Schuman’s assignment in the book was responded to by Ron Jude. ). Details Here.

Hank Willis Thomas, Jet People, 2010, gouache acrylic on canvas. ©Hank Willis Thomas / Courtesy the Artist & Jack Shainman Gallery, NY


Hank’s second NYC show is at The Studio Museum in Harlem: ‘Speaking of People: Ebony, Jet and Contemporary Art’, which “explores the ways contemporary artists use Ebony and Jet as a resource and as inspiration in their practices. ” Details here.

The exhibition was reviewed in Art News: “Power of the Press: Artists celebrate Ebony and Jet at the Studio Museum in Harlem.”

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Big Week for DPI Alumni

Last week saw the publication of works by several DPI alumni:

Bryan Denton (BFA 2005) was featured in Time LightBox with his series, Boomtown,  about oil production in North Dakota created during the World Press Photos Joop Swart Masterclass

photo by Bryan Denton

BRYAN DENTON: From “Boonville,” Bam (center), Lesbo (with beer), and Phillips fool around in the wreck of an old automobile, while on a ‘booze cruise’ after their shift, driving in the badlands near their camp.

Monique Jaques (BFA 2008) at Al Jazeera America has a series about faith healers in Turkey.

Hoca Durmu? Ali Kurum burns a drawing he made of a face during a consultation over the phone in his office in Ba?aras?, a neighborhood in Izmir, Turkey.Monique Jaques for Al Jazeera America

 “Popularity of healers challenges Turkey’s modern, secular self-image,” Al Jazeera America

Jonno Rattman (BFA 2014) is featured in the New Yorker with photographs of the best youth bull riders in the U.S.

A young rider races to the stands of the Taylor County Expo Center. Photo by Jonno Rattman

JONNON RATTMAN: A young rider races to the stands of the Taylor County Expo Center.

Elizabeth Moran’s (BFA 2007) “Photographing the Invisible” in New Yorker Photobooth. Her exhibition Record of Cherry Road is on view in our Gulf & Western Gallery until January 17.

ELIZABETH MORAN: "Measuring Visual Disturbances #1,"  Record of Cherry Road

ELIZABETH MORAN: “Measuring Visual Disturbances #1,” Record of Cherry Road

American Photography profiles Michael George (BFA 2011) as one to watch.

MICHAEL GEORGE: "Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River in northern Arizona"

MICHAEL GEORGE: “Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River in northern Arizona”

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Alumnus Hank Willis Thomas – Creative Time Reports

“What Is Common to All of Us?”
Redefining Black Male Identity

by Hank Willis Thomas

Creative Time Reports.

Drawing from his collaborative transmedia project “Question Bridge: Black Males,” the artist Hank Willis Thomas examines the racial context of the 2012 killing of Jordan Davis as the man who shot the 17-year-old Florida resident, Michael Dunn, is retried for murder.

Screenshot from “Question Bridge: Black Males,” a collaborative transmedia project of Chris Johnson, Hank Willis Thomas, Bayeté Ross Smith and Kamal Sinclair.

Every person has a “day of infamy” in his or her life. For the parents of Jordan Davis, that day was November 23, 2012. For the parents of Trayvon Martin, it was February 26, 2012. For the parents of Michael Brown, it was August 9, 2014. For me, it was February 2, 2000—a Tuesday. That was the day I lost Songha Thomas Willis, my cousin, roommate, best friend and, for all intents and purposes, big brother. He was shot dead in front of dozens of people during a robbery in which he did not resist. [read more]

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ISO Issue #11 Release Tonight + Will Steacy Artist Talk

ISO Magazine will be hosting a release party in the Riese Student Lounge of 721 Broadway tonight at 6pm. Also included will be an artist talk by DPI Alum Will Steacy at 7pm. Click here for the Facebook Event.


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Alumnus Monique Jaques On The Ground in Gaza

On The Ground in Gaza – Esquire Magazine
by Elizabeth Griffin
Photographs by Alumnus Monique Jaques

Amidst the landscape of war, civilian lives are thrust into chaos. Homes are destroyed, lives are lost, families are fractured. And then there are the things—the things you keep, the things you cannot carry, and the things you have no choice but to leave behind. Some seem trivial—a pillow, a piece of paper, a box of vitamins—but they tell a story of a life. They tell of the small and big parts.

When the latest round of fighting began between Israelis and Palestinians in July, we asked photographer, Monique Jaques, to create a record of those things from where she was stationed. “During the ceasefires, families would go to see their homes, not knowing what remained until they arrived. Their reactions were devastating. Whether it was shock or outcry, no one was without emotion,” she says. “Many were lucky, some weren’t. They searched through the rubble, looking for anything that was intact. I met several families searching for ID cards and official documents—anything proving their identity and place in the world. The smallest toy or shoe would bring cries of excitement. It was one more thing they had, one more thing that survived. Just like them.” read more

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Live a Day in the Life of an Obsessive Ghost Hunter

Live a Day in the Life of an Obsessive Ghost Hunter > Alumnus Elizabeth Moran photographs are  featured in WIRED.  This project is funded by the department’s Tierney Fellowship for Alumni and will be on view in our Gulf and Western lobby gallery  December 4th, 2014 –  january 17th, 2015

photo by Elizabeth Moran

Elizabeth Moran’s mother Cary grew up in a haunted house in Memphis. That’s how the story goes, anyway. Every night she and her siblings would hear footsteps slowly climb the stairs from the basement to the second-floor bedrooms. Usually, they’d stop outside her brother’s room, then turn and head back downstairs.

Even now, Moran’s family believes that old house, which it subsequently sold, is still haunted. Elizabeth Moran never heard those footsteps for herself, but the ghost has been such a big part of her life that she’s exploring the history of this mythical creature and its relationship to her family in a project called Record of Cherry Road. The name refers to the street on which the house sits and to a series of notes Moran’s mother wrote about the footsteps. [read more]

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