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DPI Student Work: ‘Documenting Downtown’ an Affordable Supermarket

DPI major Nate Palmer along with NYU classmates Laura Jung and Devyn Olin have produced a great looking video covering the work that the Two Bridges Neighborhood Council in Manhattan has done to bring affordable groceries to the LES after the closing of the PathMark. This work was done as part of Mark Bussell’s Documenting Downtown class. Here it is:

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Deb Willis on NYU Stories, ‘The Bitter and the Sublime’ of the Black Body, Slideshow and Interview

In this short and impactful video DPI chair Deb Willis discusses her early inspirations in the imagery of the black body.

For more details and other ‘NYU Stories’ click through.


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DPI Faculty Interviews

DPI faculty member Mark Jenkinson, with lots of help from DPI senior George Brooks, filmed a number interviews with faculty here that will be posted in the coming weeks. Here’s a teaser of set photos and stay tuned for the real videos.

photo (8)
photo (7)

photo (9)

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Deb Willis @ Sundance

Through a Lens Darkly co-produced by Chair Deb Willis premiered at Sundance Film Festival this week. The film, directed by Thomas Allen Harris, was inspired by Deb’s book Reflections in Black, A History of Black Photographers, 1940 to the present. Below are some images from Sundance. We’ll post information about future screenings when we have it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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DPI community in the news

This week saw the publication of 3 can’t-miss works by DPI community members.

1. Bridgette Auger ’06 has an incredibly powerful piece at The Global Post titled “Assaulted in Tahrir” about rampant sexual abuse by roving gangs of thugs in the aftermath of the revolution in Egypt. Warning: this video describes physical abuse.

2. Bryan Denton ’05 has a photo essay accompanying an article entitled: ‘Fears of the Future Haunt a Budding Generation of Afghan Strivers‘ over at the nytimes about life getting back to ‘normal’ in Afghanistan.

3. Faculty member Jennifer Bajorek recently had an essay published called ‘Holding Fast to Ruins: The Air War in [Bertolt] Brecht’s Kriegsfibel’ and is available for free download here.

Keep those publications coming!

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